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With our Virtual Care Program, you can reach doctors and specialists whenever you need them! They can help with just about any illness or injury for which you would normally visit the Health Center or Urgent Care -such as fatigue, sinus or skin infections, anxiety, and depression. With our program you get the right help in almost every situation and all without any additional out of pocket costs. Plus, these services are convenient, easy to use, reliable and incredibly affordable. Not only is there no additional out-of-pocket expenses for the consultations, but it saves you money as there is no deductible, copayments, or co-insurance for you to pay.


Virtual Care is not insurance and is not intended to replace a health insurance plan. But it may fill in gaps to your health insurance plan for conditions which may be excluded or limited - such as pre-existing conditions, mental health, acne, and sexually transmitted diseases.


Virtual Care
Talk to a doctor from anywhere!

What's included in the Virtual Care plan?



Access to doctors

With our telemedicine service you have 24/7 access to doctors who can diagnose and treat the flu; ear, nose, throat, eye, and urinary tract infections; stress; plus many other non-chronic or non-life-threatening conditions. Prescriptions can be sent to your local pharmacy. ​Over 90% of all calls received can be successfully evaluated and treated .​


Life Assistance Services

Call the toll-free number for confidential, short-term professional counseling, focusing on coping skills for a full range of emotional, family and other personal issues. The Licensed Professional Counselor can help:

  • 24/7/365 counselors for acute 'in the moment' crises such as a relationship break-up, failing an exam

  • Provide guidance and referrals for long term issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, substance abuse, child-care, elder care, marital counseling 

  • Provide counseling/advice/referrals for financial and budgeting issues

  • Access counseling/advice/referrals for legal concerns such as immigration, family law, personal injury, criminal, civil 


STI Testing

The Virtual Sexual Health service provides a more convenient option for getting tested for STIs. They provide the lab order so you can skip the trip to a doctor’s office and go straight to a testing location. The results and next steps will be available online within 3 business days. You can choose to talk to a doctor by phone to discuss any questions or concerns.​


Virtual Mental Healthcare

Speak with board certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists or therapists by phone or video from wherever you feel most comfortable. You can book appointments with ease and build ongoing relationships with mental health professionals of your choice. More than 75% of members with depression or anxiety reported clinically meaningful improvements after their third and fourth virtual care visit.



Access to our Dermatologists provides convenient and reliable skin care for a wide range of conditions without the wait. Simply log in to your account, request a Dermatology consult, complete the intake form, and upload digital images of your condition.
Within two business days, you will receive a response from a board-certified dermatologist through the online message center. You can request a follow-up to ask questions, and when medically necessary, have prescriptions sent to your pharmacy.

Virtual care can treat many non-emergency medical problems without any out-of-pocket expense. No deductible, no copay, no coinsurance.
This saves a great deal of money.

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